About Us

sezanı. offers exclusive furniture from South Africa. In our handmade seating furniture and accessories we combine high quality leather products from South Africa with contemporary designs concepts. Out of this fusion unique furniture pieces emerge which meet the individual and high demands of our customers.

As we produce each piece with passion, we are happy to build on your individual needs to create your customized piece of wilderness. Together with you and based on your wishes, we plan and realize your unique furniture or complete room designs.

Our promise


We believe that our products should become part of our customers’ lives. Therefore we place great value on a careful selection of only the best hides and leathers. Since these are natural products it is possible that single hairs get lost during daily usage.

Wild animal hides often come with scratches, small scars or slubs. They tell from fights with their conspecifics or other animals and embody the wild and sometimes rough beauty of the African savanna. With one of our products you always bring an authentic piece of Africa to your home.

Nature conservation

It is our personal concern to know the origin of all our materials and to solely collaborate with official sources of supply.

The hides we are using for our products come from official wildlife inventory controls in South Africa. The animals were not hunted for their hides, but to control their population growth due to the decrease of their natural enemies. By this human intervention the natural balance stays preserved. You can also observe this practice in other parts of the world, e.g. in Europe’s forest districts with wild boars.

It goes without saying that we only use hides of animals with no concerns about the conservation of their species.

We also take care that no pathogenic chemicals are in used in the production process of our furniture.

CITES certificate

The import of flora and fauna is regulated in the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Thus plants and animals need to have a certificate of the international convention CITES.

Animals and plants ranked in appendices I, II, and III can only be imported to a country of the European Union if strict regulatory controls are followed. Our imported zebra hides fall under this section. When purchasing a zebra hide or a zebra hide covered furniture, you will receive a proof of export license.