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We bring an authentic, unique piece of wilderness into your home.

We provide our clients with design classics of the twentieth century and natural African game skins.

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    These cozy companions are the perfect match to get you in the right mood for long reading nights or enjoying a great-tasting cigar…
    Meet our handmade pieces of African wilderness. Each a statement for itself. Or let’s customize your own couch together. Just contact us!
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    Discover natural color springbok pillows to add a subtle look to your living room.
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    Ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture on the market.


sezanı. offers exclusive furniture from South Africa. In our handmade seating furniture and accessories we combine high quality leather products from South Africa with contemporary design concepts. Out of this fusion unique furniture pieces emerge which meet the individual and high demands of our customers.

As we produce each piece with passion, we are happy to build on your individual needs to create your customized piece of wilderness. Together with you and based on your wishes, we plan and realize your unique furniture. read more


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